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Vinyl Fence and Wall Wraps

Vinyl Banner Printing in digital color delivers high impact, high quality vinyl banners fast and affordable. Our state-of-the-art digital color large formatvinyl mesh banner printing is perfect for signage, trade shows and events, and our easy ordering process saves you time and money.

Product Details
• Printed on durable 13 oz. matte white vinyl or 9 oz. mesh vinyl
• 3M solvent-based UV cured inks won't fade for years
• High-resolution printing for stunning results
• Hemmed with grommets or pole pockets for easy hanging
• Offered in 1-ft. increments to 16' x 100'
• Larger sizes are available (multiple panels sewn together)

Key Features
• Turnaround in five to seven business days.
• Two banners can be sewn together to create a 2-sided banner.
• Easy order - We take care of everything!
• Same day pricing.

Banner Printing Guidelines
Banners have different file preparation guidelines than offset printing. Please follow these steps when you are setting up your document to print a banner.

 1. Set your document size including bleed. Scale your file to 12 to 1, so that 1 inch equals 1 foot. (1" = 1') and add .125" bleed on each side. Thus a 4'x6' banner would be submitted at 4.25" x 6.25"

2. Establish the safety area. Do not place important elements too close to the trim line as they could be trimmed off or sewn through during finishing. It is best to keep key elements of your banner .125" inside the edge. If your banner uses pole pockets, put all text and design elements at least .33" inside of the cut line or they may be sewn through.

3. Choose your resolution. The required resolution for printing vinyl banners depends on viewing distance.

• From five feet or less, submit at 1200 dpi
• From five feet or more, submit at 900 dpi
• From 10 feet or more submit at 600 dpi
• From 50 feet or more, submit at 300 dpi

For example, banner that is 10'x20' and viewed from 10 feet away must be printed as a 10"x20" file at 600 dpi, or a total of 6,000 x 12,000 pixels. The same vinyl banner for viewing from 5 feet should be printed at 1200 dpi, or total of 12,000 x 24,000 for a 10"x20" file.

Once you have setup your file for banner printing, please refer to the application-specific checklist in our help center before submitting your artwork.

• Matte PVC vinyl banner material is great for indoor or outdoor use. Mesh vinyl is particularly well suited to outdoor use with very large banners or windy conditions.
For any questions, call (985) 325-3900